Passages Malibu is a top-rated California luxury rehab center that is ready to put a holistic end to any drug and alcohol addiction once and for all with a customized drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. This short seven-minute video shows exactly how our luxury rehab center in California is prepared to get to the bottom of clients’ drug and alcohol addiction for permanent sobriety. It’s an informative, eye-opening luxury rehab tour of Passages Malibu that may help put you at ease and better understand the guiding principles behind our award-winning holistic addiction treatment philosophy.

From the client’s very first hours all the way to the triumphant graduation ceremony and follow-up treatments, this rehab tour video shows all of the different stages of progress to be expected at Passages Malibu as a drug and alcohol addiction gets resolved. The Passages Rehab tour video showcases the numerous holistic modalities and therapies available to clients, explaining in detail the various health benefits of each method as validated by modern science.

Watch this rehab tour video to learn more about the role each staff member plays in an overarching team of addiction specialists, how they get clients chemically-balanced, and how they keep clients progressing through their customized drug and alcohol luxury rehab program until it is time for them to graduate and move forward with a renewed life purpose.

To recap, this rehab tour covers:

  • The history of Passages Malibu
  • The purpose of Passages Malibu
  • Awards and media recognition
  • Passages Malibu vs. other luxury rehab centers
  • What makes Passages Malibu so effective
  • Holistic drug and alcohol rehab modalities and therapies
  • The members of a client’s Treatment Team
  • The custom luxury drug and alcohol rehab program
  • The entire natural detox process, from intake to graduation

When you are ready to experience the luxury rehab of Passages Malibu in person, we are ready to schedule an enrollment date or tour. Call (888) 546-4821 to speak with an Admissions Coordinator who will have all of the information and answers you will need to make a well-balanced decision about how to stop drinking or using drugs with custom luxury rehab from Passages Malibu.

Passages Malibu Luxury Rehab Photo Tour

Further immerse yourself in luxury and recovery by taking the guided Passages Malibu photo rehab tour. This easy-to-navigate photo gallery rehab tour of Passages Malibu captures several of the many chic and soothing settings and services from our 10-acre California luxury drug and alcohol rehab campus. We encourage you to browse through these amazing still shots of Passages Malibu to get an up-close glimpse of our drug and alcohol addiction treatment services and philosophy in action. When you are ready to experience our drug and alcohol luxury rehab firsthand, or if this photographic rehab tour inspires any questions, please call our Admissions Department at (888) 546-4821.