Tai chi is a gentle form of stretching and gentle exercise infused with special breathing techniques. Tai chi can be viewed as a milder version of yoga that never locks the joints. Whereas yoga focuses on holding static positions, tai chi exercises emphasize smooth motions that some find less stressful.

Passages Malibu offers certified Tai chi therapy to clients who are ready to improve the mind-body connection and rid themselves of drug and alcohol addiction. Call (888) 546-4821 to learn how our tai chi exercises help hundreds of clients with drug and alcohol addiction every year at Passages Malibu.

How Does Tai Chi Work?

Tai chi exercises are a series of deliberately slow movements which have been specifically designed to simultaneously build muscle strength and concentration while fostering a deep sense of relaxation. Tai chi exercises blend simple meditation practices with gentle motions to improve motor skills, mental clarity and general fitness.

What is Tai Chi’s Role in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Tai chi exercises can assist in reversing the mental and physical harm caused by drug and alcohol addiction. This Eastern holistic philosophy is an excellent way to build inner-confidence and trust through an enhanced mind-body connection. Tai chi provides a deeper appreciation for life and the universe which can then be applied to other holistic therapies for a total recovery from drugs and alcohol.

The meditative aspects of tai chi are thought to strengthen an individual’s resolve and reduce the intensity of drug and alcohol cravings. Tai chi can also help fix the chemical imbalances that can occur during detox by naturally releasing serotonin and dopamine, which is believed to prevent or at least limit any associated anxiety and depression. The deep breathing exercises can alleviate stress and improve memory and mental concentration.

Aside from improving muscular strength and flexibility, tai chi exercises improve blood circulation throughout the body. This allows blood to carry nutrients to parts of the body that have been damaged by drug and alcohol addiction for improved healing. It is also a natural way to boost the body’s ability to efficiently eliminate metabolic waste.

Passages Malibu: California Luxury Rehab with Tai Chi Therapy

Passages Malibu is a revolutionary California luxury rehab center that is guided by the fundamentals of leading holistic addiction treatment philosophies such as tai chi and yoga. If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol, call (888) 546-4821 to learn how Passages Rehab successfully blends tai chi with other Eastern and Western addiction treatment services for the best possible results.