Passages Malibu incorporates an impressive blend of Eastern and Western holistic addiction treatment philosophies for a total healing experience. Though we do not subscribe to any specific religion, we do offer luxury rehab spiritual counseling for clients who are seeking faith-based recovery options from drug and alcohol addiction.

Spiritual counseling at Passages Malibu follows the New Thought movement, an all-encompassing holistic philosophy which encourages transformation through self-love and interconnectedness with the world at large. This unique form of spiritual counseling stays within the value system of every type of religion and is readily accessible to all clients.

Passages Malibu offers additional religious counseling options for devout followers that wish to focus on a specific faith. Call (888) 546-4821 to learn how Passages Malibu can provide a faith-based recovery from drug and alcohol addiction in mind, body and spirit with spiritual counseling.

What is Spiritual Counseling?

Spiritual counseling is primarily concerned with unlocking revelations within the client and helping them better understand themselves (and their addiction to drugs and alcohol) in relation to the universe.

Spiritual counseling enhances intuition and provides “ancient wisdom”, which, in turn, gives way to clearer personal perspectives. Once the client knows how to listen inwardly without hesitation or bias, amazing lessons are learned.

After a healthy inner-relationship has been established with themselves, clients go on to find effective techniques to create deeper connections with those around them and the world at large. By the end of the spiritual counseling work at Passages Malibu, clients feel faithful about the future instead of fearful.

Call (888) 546-4821 and receive more information on spirituality and luxury rehab at Passages Malibu.

What is a Spiritual Counselor?

A spiritual addiction counselor uses love and positivity as powerful transformational tools to help the client reinvent themselves in ways that fit within their chosen value system. This experience is largely self-empowering and involves a faith-based recovery of the client’s volition.

At Passages Malibu, the spiritual counselor helps clients to:

  • Check their perception for truth
  • Find loving essence all around them
  • Forgive more easily
  • Reaffirm values
  • Visualize future goals and needs
  • Speak positively about one’s self
  • Listen from the heart

Passages Malibu Values Spirituality

Passages Malibu respectfully extends spiritual and religious counseling options to members of all faiths. Call (888) 546-4821 for more information about spirituality at Passages Malibu, and how we can combine psychotherapy and spirituality to permanently resolve drug and alcohol addiction either for you or someone you love.