Passages Malibu consistently provides the most current and advanced types of psychotherapy treatments for drug and alcohol addiction to be found in any luxury rehab center. The Joint Commission has given Passages Malibu the Gold Seal of Approval based on its high-tech psychological treatments for substance abuse and excellent client care, which only 6% of all luxury rehab centers in the United States have had the honor of receiving.

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One-on-one psychotherapy sessions with a psychologist at Passages Malibu can provide clarity and reassurance simply by talking freely about drug and alcohol addiction. Many clients have felt isolated for so long that finally being able to talk to someone about their drug and alcohol addiction honestly and without judgement brings great relief. They find receiving psychotherapy for addiction to be a healthy way to come to terms with what be changed and what is beyond one’s control.

How Psychotherapy Works for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

The overall purpose of psychotherapy is to achieve an enduring sobriety through a series of therapeutic discussions that promote awareness and self-actualization. Psychological treatment for substance abuse is multi-faceted and examines many different aspects of drug and alcohol addiction, such as identifying:

  • Triggers for drug and alcohol abuse
  • Negative behaviors
  • Incorrect thoughts
  • Abstract emotions
  • Social concepts

A psychologist has the special training needed to assess clients and help them deal with a wide variety of major life situations. They can show clients healthy ways to cope with the loss of family members, marriages, jobs, and how to move past traumas. This way, clients can handle stress and other emotions while beginning to commit to functional routines of self-care.

Above all else, psychotherapy dissects a drug and alcohol addiction to better understand what caused it to form in the first place. These underlying issues can then be resolved to end the drug and alcohol addiction once and for all. When the client has a firm grasp on what addiction is and how it influences their behaviors, they can finally begin to make adjustments that will lead to the gradual development of new thought patterns and behaviors.

Psychotherapy plays an integral role in our drug and alcohol drug rehab treatment program at Passages Malibu. We are fully committed to supporting the client in life wherever possible through psychotherapy for addiction. Call (888) 546-4821 to find out how we blend psychotherapy with other holistic therapies and addiction treatment services to help hundreds of clients every year from all around the world.