Exercise and addiction recovery go hand-in-hand at Passages Malibu, a luxury rehab treatment center in California with a high-tech fitness center and personal trainers for every client. Our advanced physical fitness therapy treatments combine exercise and addiction recovery in ways few other luxury rehab centers can.

We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards of physical fitness therapy. One-on-one private training sessions and modern gym facilities are two reasons why Passages Malibu was given the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission, placing our luxury rehab center in the top 6% of all luxury rehab centers in the nation for delivering effective addiction treatment services.

Sometimes, luxury rehab centers in California promote recreational relaxation without giving clients enough exercise, and drug addiction treatments can be less effective as a result. Passages Malibu is a luxury drug and alcohol rehab center in California that goes to great lengths to ensure each client receives the highest nutritional standards, physical exercise and drug addiction recovery routines.

Call (888) 546-4821 to find out how the Passages Malibu staff successfully blends exercise and drug addiction recovery treatments to help hundreds of clients with drug and alcohol addiction every year.

How Does Exercise Help Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Aside from reversing the physical damage caused by drugs and alcohol, physical fitness therapy improves confidence, willpower and inner-strength. Exercise and nutrition are two healthy, positive ways to help reverse chemical imbalances within the brain. In this sense, physical fitness therapy is an important part of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction in mind, body and spirit.

Physical exercise for drug and alcohol addiction has been known to improve:

  • Circulation
  • Endurance
  • Circadian Rhythm (Sleeping and eating patterns, etc.)
  • Energy levels
  • Weight regulation
  • Heart health
  • Body tone

Mentally, exercise for drug and alcohol addiction has these additional benefits:

  • Less stress
  • Less depression
  • Less anxiety
  • Less cravings
  • Fewer mood swings
  • More mental awareness
  • More emotional stability
  • Improved routine-building skills
  • Improved life perception

Exercise Meets Luxury Rehab at Passages Malibu

Our inspiring personal trainers, like all other Passages Malibu staff, are ready to make a positive difference in the lives of every client they instruct. Trainers are able to design a consistent workout program specifically with the client’s individual goals and physical limitations in mind, providing meaningful lessons and encouragement every step of the way.

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs and alcohol, Passages Malibu offers full physical, mental and spiritual rehabilitation. Call (888) 546-4821 today.