At the center of Passages Malibu’s longstanding success is a wide variety of drug and alcohol treatments which can be selectively grouped together to form a powerful luxury rehab treatment program. Clients are thoroughly evaluated by a Treatment Team and will receive different addiction treatment services based on history and personal needs. This unique approach allows our experts to appropriately treat each drug and alcohol addiction on an individual basis.

Passages Malibu combines the best of Western and Eastern holistic addiction treatment philosophies to form the most comprehensive luxury rehab center the world has ever seen. Our 10-acre campus is equipped with an impressive array of luxury rehab solutions designed to resolve any form of drug and alcohol addiction by permanently removing the underlying causes behind the addiction itself.

The addiction treatment services offered by Passages Malibu include, but are not limited to, the following holistic modalities and therapies:

Our list of holistic addiction treatment services is constantly expanding as we incorporate the latest science-based strategies and technologies into our luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Call our Admissions Department at (888) 546-4821 and let an Admissions Coordinator explain how each holistic modality and therapy can bring our clients one step closer to freedom from drugs and alcohol.

An All-Natural Luxury Detox from Drugs and Alcohol

Acupuncture and massage can help eliminate cravings and other signs of withdrawal, but our clients must first undergo an all-natural detox from drugs and alcohol before the rest of the holistic addiction treatment methods listed above can be successfully applied. During their natural detox from drugs and alcohol, clients will be medically-supervised and kept comfortable by Health and Wellness Staff (24-hour nurses) as well as Client Support Staff.

Passages Malibu is different from most other luxury rehab centers in many different ways. The natural detox from drugs and alcohol takes place in a private beach suite with a full view of the Pacific Ocean for daily inspiration. Family plays an important role in recovery and we try to include them as much as we feel is appropriate and helpful. Clients have phone and internet access in their rooms and they are encouraged to keep in close contact with friends, family and colleagues as they progress through their drug and alcohol treatment program.

While the client is naturally detoxing from drugs and alcohol, our addiction experts review their bloodwork and other lab tests to check for any chemical imbalances that need to be resolved. This is also when the client’s personal Treatment Team convenes to discuss exactly which holistic modalities and therapies will be used in the client’s custom luxury rehab treatment program. When the natural drug and alcohol detox is complete, we will go over the results with the client and discuss if any additional measures are needed to get them chemically-balanced.

For example, a client might be given natural supplements to help provide chemical balance. These supplements have a premium blend of organic ingredients that have been shown to help with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other signs of drug and alcohol withdrawal as well as bipolar and ADD. Once the client has achieved chemical balance and no longer displays physical withdrawal signs, we are prepared to implement our full range of holistic modalities and therapies using a luxury rehab program.

An Adjustable Luxury Rehab Program for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

The Treatment Team continues to meet every week to adjust the client’s personalized luxury rehab program with additional modalities and therapies so as to keep in line with their specific physical, mental and spiritual needs. Therapists, physicians, counselors and other experts use these weekly meetings to continue getting to the bottom of the client’s addiction while also reiterating goals and measuring progress. This information is then passed onto the client to help them better understand what their drug and alcohol addiction is and how to gain control over it.

We believe clients benefit more from a personal treatment team and one-on-one therapy sessions than the group meetings so many other luxury rehab centers rely on. When you are ready to combine one-on-one therapy with limited group meetings that do not follow the 12-step method, call (888) 546-4821.

Get Proven Holistic Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Services with Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu integrates modern therapies and counseling with alternative science-based drug and alcohol addiction treatment services that have a proven record of success. Passages Malibu helps hundreds of clients rid themselves of drug and alcohol addiction every year without the use of additional chemicals, so if you or someone you know needs help, please call (888) 546-4821

Passages Malibu: A Varied and Fulfilling Journey

At Passages Malibu, no two days of treatment will ever be alike. For example, you may find yourself hiking and meditating with your life purpose counselor one day, addressing and resolving key causes of your addiction with your psychotherapist the next, and educating yourself on the physiological risks of addiction with your chemical dependency counselor the third. This unique approach will keep you constantly engaged, pleasantly challenged, and completely free from any unhealthy routines.

If you are ready for a treatment plan that is based around your personality and positively pushes you where you need to go, then our luxury rehabilitation center is ready to welcome you. Call our friendly and helpful Passages Malibu coordinators at (888) 546-4821 to remember how good taking control can feel.