Passages Malibu uses meditation therapy as part of its integrative drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, which is designed to get to the underlying cause of the client’s addiction for permanent sobriety. Guided meditation for addiction at our California luxury rehab center can help a client better understand themselves, leading to powerful new insights about their behavior and surroundings.

What is Meditation Therapy?

Meditation therapy is a holistic treatment dating back thousands of years ago. The ancient spiritual practice involves holding specific postures while performing special breathing exercises, and it has many physical and emotional benefits. It was primarily designed as a way to form a stronger mind-body connection by mastering deep levels of concentration and focus.

Can Meditation Help with Addiction?

Meditation can absolutely help with addiction. First of all, the self-discipline learned through meditation therapy carries on to other parts of life. Purpose and meaning become easier to find, and physical and emotional pain can be alleviated during periods of withdrawal and cravings.

Second, meditation can help clients with addiction by cultivating better impulse control techniques. Closing your eyes and meditating can provide the extra time needed to make a better decision. It can be a secret weapon to ward off cravings, and best of all, it can be done practically anywhere.

Third, meditation therapy can unlock traumatic or upsetting memories and analyze them from a fresh perspective. Looking back on life with a calm mind is often what allows clients to find the underlying cause of their drug and alcohol addiction. In this sense, guided meditation for addiction is invaluable.

Other benefits of meditation therapy include:

  • Lower stress levels
  • Less anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Better immune system

Developing intuition and inner-confidence through meditation therapy is crucial to overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. Meditation therapy can help with addiction by complementing other holistic therapies and treatments as well. Clients are able to use meditation to deeply reflect on what they’ve learned while developing strong insights on their own for total recovery in mind, body and spirit.

Premier Meditation Therapy at Passages Malibu

Clients with no prior meditation experience can still quickly benefit from meditation therapy. It is very easy to learn, and anyone with a drug or alcohol addiction will soon find ways to calm their mind with simple meditation exercises.

It is not uncommon, after experiencing a few guided meditation exercises with their instructor, for clients to begin meditating on their own whenever they feel anxious or tempted to use drugs and alcohol. Call our Admissions Department today at (888) 546-4821 to receive more information about addiction, meditation and therapy.