Passages Malibu offers hypnotherapy, or guided hypnosis, for drug and alcohol addiction, which combines psychotherapy with hypnosis to combat the issues surrounding addiction on a deep, subconscious level.

Hypnotherapy for addiction puts the client in an altered state of consciousness in which their mind is more open to positive suggestions and interpretations as provided by the hypnotherapist. The effects of hypnotherapy are real and have been clinically documented on imaging electrodes connected to the brain.

The benefits of hypnotherapy for addiction include:

  • Behavior modification – Hypnotherapy can break unwanted routines and habits using deep relaxation methods and powerful suggestions. For example, one of the most popular uses of hypnotherapy, outside of drug and alcohol addiction, is to stop smoking cigarettes.
  • Pain relief – Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can result in physical and mental discomfort at times, but hypnotherapy can alleviate these feelings and teach clients how to regain control by forging a stronger mind-body connection.
  • Emotional wellbeing – Hypnotherapy can help clients handle emotional difficulties such as anxiety and depression using techniques that are very similar to conventional psychotherapy.

What Does Guided Hypnosis for Addiction Feel Like?

Hypnotherapy for drug and alcohol addiction has been described as relaxing and tranquil. The client is less aware of their immediate surroundings and more deeply focused on inner-aspects and abstract concepts of their lives. Their memories, imagination, and all other sensations seem crisper, clearer and more vivid.

Clients can seize this opportunity to become more imaginative and more open to fantasies upon suggestion. Hypnotherapy for addiction to drugs and alcohol is especially useful for exploring and reinforcing the principles behind sobriety while in this state as well. Clients may also be able to unlock key memories that would otherwise have been painful or traumatic to discuss before hypnosis for addiction.

Is Hypnotherapy for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Safe?

Hypnotherapy can almost seem like magic at times, but it is actually deeply rooted in psychology and other proven sciences. This makes hypnotherapy not only safe for treating addiction, but beneficial as well.

A hypnotherapist cannot make you say or do anything that would normally go against your code of ethics or morals. If you would not say or do something while fully awake, you still would not do it while under the supervision of a hypnotherapist.

When it comes to hypnotherapy for drug and alcohol addiction, the only things you stand to lose are negative habits and emotions. All of your other positive character traits remain completely intact.

Certified Guided Hypnosis for Drug and Alcohol Addiction is Available at Passages Malibu

All Passages Rehab luxury centers ultimately seek to get clients off of drugs and alcohol while providing the necessary resources to heal from addiction in mind, body and spirit. Hypnotherapy is one of the many holistic treatment modules offered at our California luxury rehab center in Malibu, so please call (888) 546-4821 to better understand how hypnotherapy for drug and alcohol addiction can help you or someone you love to have a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.