Many people turn to California for luxury alcohol and drug rehab. Passages Malibu is a leading California luxury rehab center offering advanced holistic addiction treatment services for drugs and alcohol. Here’s why California luxury rehab centers like Passages Malibu have become so popular for people who are looking to recover from drugs and alcohol . . .

1. California’s Luxury Rehab Amenities

The state of California is a major tourist destination that pampers celebrities on the regular, and this posh sense of hospitality has overtaken the California drug and alcohol rehabilitation industry as well. Most California luxury rehab centers treat clients extremely well with deluxe accommodations and gorgeous spa-like amenities.

A luxury rehab detox unit at Passages Malibu, for example, overlooks the Pacific Ocean in complete and total privacy. Passages Malibu is a popular luxury rehab center that’s just 0.4 miles from the beach. In fact, it is one of the only luxury rehab centers in California that regularly provides clients with a full spa experience every day, even going so far as to bring in personal estheticians directly to clients’ rooms.

2. Luxury Rehab Evaluations

Luxury drug and alcohol rehab centers in California offer a thorough and comprehensive medical evaluation for each patient. Additional bloodwork and other important options are fully explored to diagnose and treat all chemical imbalances. These potential chemical imbalances can be independently verified and treated by therapists for a total recovery from any drug and alcohol addiction.

3. One-on-One Therapy Sessions

Every year, hundreds of clients choose Passages Malibu over every other California luxury rehab center because of its custom-made luxury drug and alcohol rehab treatment program. The drug and alcohol addiction treatment services at Passages Malibu are handpicked by a team of personalized counselors, therapists, trainers and other licensed advisors based on the client’s past history and immediate needs.

Passages Malibu stresses one-on-one therapy sessions with each member of the client’s Treatment Team and schedules group meetings sparingly. Clients receive on average 65 hours of weekly one-on-one therapy sessions and can easily schedule additional time if it is deemed necessary.

4. A Healing Environment

California, being a very health-conscious state, places an emphasis on nutrition and outdoor activities in all aspects of life. Luxury rehab centers like Passages Malibu will cater to your needs with specialized meals made by professional chefs. You will be able to request special meal preparation and work with your Treatment Team to make sure all of your nutritional needs are addressed through natural supplementation.

Natural health supplements will provide you with the nutrition needed to reduce insomnia, depression, anxiety, and many of the other signs of withdrawal to a minimum. Meanwhile, your very own personal trainer to guide you through exercises meant to reverse any physical damage that the drugs and alcohol may have caused. Since this is a premium holistic rehab center, advanced luxury rehab services such as yoga and meditation, massage and even acupuncture can be selected by your Treatment Team as well.

5. All-Natural Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs

Luxury rehab centers in California such as Passages Malibu offer all-natural drug and alcohol detox options. A natural drug and alcohol detox is free from prescription drugs such as suboxone, methadone, antidepressants and all other chemicals. An all-natural drug and alcohol detox is the only way to be sure that you are overcoming your addiction using your own empowerment and free will.

How to Choose the Best California Luxury Rehab Center for You

Be on the lookout for these indicators of the best luxury drug rehabilitation centers in California:

  • Prime Location – Luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers should be located in a setting that’s conducive to your healing. Beach settings, for example, are terrific places for most to receive a full recovery from drugs and alcohol.
  • No volunteers ­– A luxury rehab center with a board-certified drug abuse therapist is a sure sign that you are going to receive type of the personal sessions you want, need and deserve.
  • 24/7 Staffing – Drug and alcohol detox sometimes requires constant supervision. Luxury rehabilitation addiction centers provide around-the-clock monitoring and comfort during detox.
  • Customized Treatment – Only Passages Malibu gives each client a full medical evaluation before creating a customized luxury rehab drug treatment program that’s designed to address the underlying issues surrounding your drug and alcohol addiction.

Have You Considered Passages Luxury Rehab in California?

Passages Malibu provides a subtropical luxury rehab setting with the expert staff you’ll need to guide you to sobriety every step of the way. Our holistic drug rehabilitation methods will address not only the chemical dependency itself, but also the reasons that have caused you to develop a drug and alcohol addiction in the first place. Call us at (888) 546-4821 to discuss your options and discover why we are the best holistic rehabilitation center for your recovery.