Life after recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol can be full of purpose and meaning with life purpose counseling. Clients can sometimes find it a struggle to conceptualize a life without drugs and alcohol after years of addiction. The ultimate goal of life purpose counseling is to help clients realize they can absolutely lead a purpose-driven life after recovery.

Life Coach Vs. Life Counselor: What is the Difference?

Life coaching and life counseling are two separate fields of expertise. While both professions help clients lead a purpose-driven life, the difference between life coaching and counseling is that a life counselor can handle clients who are facing very difficult situations such as drug and alcohol addiction.

A life coach tends to provide professional planning techniques and generalized inspiration rather than resolving deep-seeded issues. A life counselor is better able to identify and improve areas of a client’s life that life coaches are not qualified to touch on. For example, a life coach will not be able to remove the feelings of anxiety, hopelessness and depression that many people who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction experience.

Life purpose counseling encompasses:

  • Envisioning life after recovery with purpose and meaning
  • Resolving low self-esteem and other negative emotions
  • Breaking free of unhealthy thought patterns and behavioral cycles
  • Finding other talents, skills and activities to replace drugs and alcohol

Life Purpose Counseling for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Life purpose counselors have experience helping clients transition through the deep and meaningful personal changes needed to overcome an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Their counseling techniques let clients rediscover themselves, unlocking old passions and gaining new ones. Most importantly, life purpose counselors know how to eliminate harmful addictive tendencies so that clients can build a complete and satisfying life after recovery.

Life Purpose Counseling at the Passages Malibu Luxury Rehab Center

Passages Malibu uses life purpose counseling as part of an overarching drug and alcohol rehab treatment program that heals clients in mind, body and spirit. A life purpose counselor meets with other specialized counselors and therapists every week to develop and modify a personalized treatment program based on a client’s history, goals and other individualistic factors.

Luxury rehab at Passages Malibu always emphasizes private and confidential one-on-one life purpose counseling sessions between the client and counselor. Call (888) 546-4821 to find out why Passages Malibu is the best luxury rehab center in California with fully-licensed life purpose counseling.