“Luxury rehab” specifically refers to the highest quality of drug and alcohol addiction treatment services available. Almost every California luxury rehab center will claim to deliver the best luxury rehab in California, but since California has so many luxury rehab centers to choose from, how can you realistically choose the best luxury rehab center in California?

Here are some quick ways to narrow your options down to the best luxury rehab centers in California.

Where in California is the Luxury Rehab Center Located?

Perhaps the biggest giveaway of a luxury rehab center is its location. In general, luxury rehab centers located right on the beach can be expected to have the poshest reputation and amenities. Likewise, luxury rehab centers that are in or around high-end tourist destinations or upscale districts must utilize the latest technological advancements and treatment plans, or they won’t stay around for long.

Luxury rehab centers tend to be located in nice areas to begin with, so to find the best ones, start looking around popular areas like Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverlywood and other high-class hotspots.

What Kinds of Addiction Treatment Services Are Being Offered?

The best luxury rehab centers treat drug and alcohol addiction with holistic modalities for a chemical-free recovery. These holistic modalities can range from personal yoga and meditation therapies to physical trainers and nutritionists who will rebuild your body and help you overcome the damage caused by drugs and alcohol. Inquire about the rehab center’s range of facilities and find out what they offer (hint: a full spa and gym are just two basic indications of a true luxury rehab center in California).

Make sure that your luxury rehab facility has an effective dual-diagnosis program to treat any underlying chemical imbalances. Sometimes drugs and alcohol can trigger chemical imbalances within the client, or sometimes clients will use drugs and alcohol to mask the effects of an underlying chemical imbalance. Either way, a dual-diagnosis program will identify and remove all imbalances for a full recovery.

Most importantly, luxury rehab centers should offer one-on-one therapy sessions over group meetings. While a limited amount of group meetings is permissible, it should never serve as the main focus of the drug and alcohol addiction treatment services being offered. Find out if the luxury rehab has licensed therapists, counselors, nurses, medical doctors, trainers, and other staff.

Do They Have a 12-Step Program?

12-step programs view addiction as a disease and label people with a drug and alcohol addiction as “addicts”. This negative stereotyping often causes members to relapse to escape the pain they are feeling from such harsh accusations. In our experience, the best luxury rehab centers recognize people are unique individuals and will not force them to go through the same twelve steps repeatedly, especially if these steps are demeaning in nature.

Instead, we feel the best luxury rehab centers hold people accountable for their own actions and have a treatment team of medical professionals – not “sponsors” (who are simply other people with a serious drug and alcohol addiction themselves). Instead of forcing clients to admit they are powerless, they should be empowered.

Do They Have a Holistic Addiction Treatment Philosophy?

Having a holistic addiction treatment philosophy means no harsh chemicals are used during the luxury rehabilitation program. Holistic luxury drug rehab centers know that using prescription drugs during a recovery is simply trading one addiction for another. For example, many people with an opiate addiction get prescribed methadone, which comes with its own side effects, and soon they want to know how to get off methadone naturally.

Luxury rehab centers that use prescription drugs to treat signs of withdrawal such as insomnia, depression, and eating disorders can also cause unnecessary chemical dependencies. Since virtually all prescription drugs used to combat addiction are potentially addictive, the best luxury rehabilitation centers will only offer all-natural (holistic) drug and alcohol detoxification services to handle with the withdrawal symptoms (in other words, they will resolve drug and alcohol addiction without prescription drugs). Most signs of withdrawal can be treated equally well with natural supplementation.

How to Spot Disingenuous Luxury Rehab Centers

Reputation and community standing is the best way to judge a luxury rehab center in California. It is vital to make sure that the luxury rehab you decide to join is a reputable one. Many of these luxury centers do not reveal a lot of information on their clients due to privacy concerns, but some may release their success rates. Always choose a luxury rehab that has helped a large number of clients each year.

Never accept help from a luxury treatment center that relies on volunteerism. These centers are rarely equipped with the type of medical professionals needed to perform dual-diagnoses and other vital luxury rehab operations.