Knowing what to do after drug rehab can feel daunting at times, but Passages Malibu continues to impart helpful lessons and resources onto clients well after their luxury rehab drug and alcohol treatment program is complete. All of our clients receive instructions and assistance after graduation through a Continuing Care Coordinator to remain sober and healthy as they find meaning and purpose.

Passages Malibu recognizes residential treatment is a part of a bigger solution to resolving drug and alcohol addiction, and that long-term aftercare is often necessary to reinforce what a client has already learned. Call (888) 546-4821 to learn how our aftercare options allow our clients to lead a vibrant and successful life after recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

What is Aftercare Treatment?

Clients who graduate from Passages Malibu are free from chemicals and cravings, but the battle does not end there. Although it is largely now their responsibility to remain sober using what they’ve learned (without as much supervision as before), Passages Rehab is still behind our clients every step of the way with aftercare treatments.

A Continuing Care Coordinator ensures clients continue to receive the best holistic therapies in their local area. It is up to the Continuing Care Coordinator to find suitable counselors, therapists, physical trainers, and all other specialists who are close to where the client lives. In addition, the Continuing Care Coordinator will find any special facilities in the client’s hometown, from gyms to meditation centers, and see to it that they become enrolled if necessary.

Other Duties of Continuing Care Coordinators

Upon graduation from Passages Rehab, clients receive a continuing care packet with a wealth of wisdom and personalized information. This packet contains a personal writeup from each member of the client’s Treatment Team. Every therapist, counselor, physician and other specialist that the client has interacted with will have written suggestions, plans, goals and other observations that they have made during their one-on-one interactions over the weeks.

The Continuing Coordinator is also a part of the Treatment Team and confers with members every week to develop the best courses of action to take once the client has been discharged. Clients regularly confer with their Continuing Coordinator throughout the drug and alcohol rehab treatment program to make sure all of their aftercare treatments are scheduled and ready for them when they return home.

Passages Rehab: Unmatched Aftercare Treatment Options

Our luxury rehab centers in California will be able to provide clients with all the help and resources they need for a smooth transition back to society again. Handling the pressures, temptations, and finding meaning and purpose after recovery is so much easier with the right help.

Call (888) 546-4821 to get more information about our aftercare treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction at Passages Malibu.