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Passages Malibu in Southern California is a luxury rehab center where clients receive an all-natural detox from drugs and alcohol accompanied by a customized drug and alcohol addiction treatment program to fully heal them in mind, body and spirit. Our goal is to help our clients find permanent sobriety and a fulfilling life purpose without the use of additional chemicals or negative labeling.

If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction and needs help, Passages Malibu has the modern amenities and the licensed addiction specialists needed to perform an all-natural detox from drugs and alcohol, followed immediately by a full luxury rehab treatment program which caters to the specific needs of the individual. To learn more about our customizable luxury rehab program, please fill out the form on this page, or contact Passages Malibu at (888) 546-4821 to talk to an Admissions Coordinator.

Why You Should Contact the Passages Malibu Luxury Rehab Center

Passages Malibu is an award-winning California luxury rehab center with a revolutionary holistic addiction treatment philosophy and cutting-edge drug and alcohol addiction treatment services that are constantly being updated and refined. We have been accredited by the Joint Commission for demonstrating the highest levels of client care possible, placing us in the uppermost 6% of all luxury rehab centers in the entire country.

Healthcare Global calls us the #1 luxury rehab center in the world and Forbes Magazine specifically mentions Passages Malibu as one of the “most luxurious” rehab centers for alcohol addiction treatment services. Call (888) 546-4821 now.

With these acclaims in mind, it’s never too late to contact Passages Malibu and receive help with a drug and alcohol addiction. Our Admissions Department is available 24 hours a day to discuss exactly how we develop the best holistic luxury rehab treatment programs for any form of drug and alcohol addiction. Passages Malibu is a California luxury rehab center helps hundreds of clients every year, so all you need to do is take the first step and call.


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Don’t Hesitate to Contact Passages Malibu for Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Even if you feel anxious or worried that you won’t know what to say, please give us a call at (888) 546-4821 or fill out the form below to get this important process started. Our Admissions Coordinators know how to initiate a meaningful dialogue with you and they will give you all of the helpful information that you will need to make a decision about receiving luxury rehab in California with Passages Malibu.

In addition to providing general information about our customized luxury rehab drug and alcohol treatment program, our Admissions Coordinators can also:

  • Answer any questions you may have about luxury rehab at Passages Malibu
  • Contact your family members to facilitate important discussions
  • Help verify your insurance or discuss potential financing options
  • Schedule an enrollment date for luxury rehab at Passages Malibu
  • Explain the differences between Passages Rehab and 12-step programs

Passages Malibu Accepts Most Major Healthcare Providers

Passages Malibu works with most major insurance companies to provide clients with the luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatments they need to lead extraordinary lives. Checking your insurance with Passages Malibu is completely free and comes with no obligation to enroll with our addiction treatment services. All information is kept confidential. Simply call (888) 546-4821 to answer some basic insurance policy questions and get started.

A member of our Verification Department will contact you with the results of our insurance benefits check as soon as it has been completed. We will go over which addiction treatment services have been approved by your insurance provider and discuss the exact costs of each possible holistic modality and therapy. Once the rates have been fully outlined and settled upon, we can schedule an enrollment date.

What You Need to Have Before Calling Passages Malibu for Luxury Rehab

Do not let a perceived lack of information keep you from calling (888) 546-4821 for help. All you need to fill out the Passages Malibu contact form is a full name and a phone number or email to best reach you.

Many of our clients look back and see that calling Passages Malibu for luxury rehab assistance was the best decision that they’ve ever made. We provide our clients with the tools and strategies they need for permanent sobriety after they have received a medically-supervised, all-natural detox from drugs and alcohol at our luxury rehab center.

Whether you are calling for yourself or on the behalf of someone who is close to you, we want to discuss the many ways Passages Malibu in California can help. We know you will feel relieved after talking to us about a drug and alcohol addiction, so please call our Admissions Department at (888) 546-4821 and get the help you need today. It could easily be the best life-changing decision you will ever make.