For decades now, the effects and harms of smoking tobacco and inhaling secondhand smoke have been studied all over the world, with multiple types of research being published every few years or so. It has been established and universally accepted that tobacco smoke can cause irreparable damage to cardiovascular vessels, especially if inhaled over and… Read more »

Any form of smoking, drug abuse, and alcohol consumption during pregnancy is highly forbidden and severely frowned down upon by everyone, simply because it is harmful to the fetus. Tobacco in itself is extremely harmful to a developing child, which is why marijuana can have effects far more detrimental and irreparable than tobacco. Researchers studied… Read more »

Heroin seems to be a favorite amongst youngsters who are addicted to illegal drugs in the USA. Though heroin addiction peaked amongst teenagers in the 90’s, it has seen a steady decline in popularity since then. You would never imagine that your kid would every get into this sort of company, now would you? But… Read more »

Most parents have a common question that troubles them night and day i.e. can they possibly prevent their children from becoming addicts? This question comes from addict parents and non-addict parents alike, simply because substance abuse, alcohol abuse and other forms of drug intake have become so prevalent in this day and age. In case… Read more »

Since the 80’s, it has been widely accepted that alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are all extremely harmful for pregnant women and can end up resulting in fatal health risks for the mother and the child. Despite this having been acknowledged, a recent study by researchers from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center revealed that the statistics… Read more »

Chronic pain is any type or form of pain that lasts up to or more than 12 weeks. This pain is not relieved through OTC painkillers or even most prescribed heavy duty ones. This chronic pain may be the reason a lot of US citizens rely heavy upon and are addicted to illegal drugs as… Read more »