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According to statistics calculated in 2014, in just over a year, the number of deaths of donors caused by prescription opioid abuse rose from 16,000 to a staggering 19,000. Seventy-eight Americans are said to die each day due to opioid abuse, which makes up more than 60 percent of all overdose deaths. According to United… Read more »

For decades now, the effects and harms of smoking tobacco and inhaling secondhand smoke have been studied all over the world, with multiple types of research being published every few years or so. It has been established and universally accepted that tobacco smoke can cause irreparable damage to cardiovascular vessels, especially if inhaled over and… Read more »

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Heroin seems to be a favorite amongst youngsters who are addicted to illegal drugs in the USA. Though heroin addiction peaked amongst teenagers in the 90’s, it has seen a steady decline in popularity since then. You would never imagine that your kid would every get into this sort of company, now would you? But… Read more »