3,000% increase in demand for opioid addiction treatment medical services between 2007 and 2014 says CNN

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Just about anyone who is up to date with the news will know that the problem of opioid addiction is repeatedly mentioned, but a new study by databank corporation Fair Health has produced a devastating finding: a 3,000% increase in medical services to opioid addicted patients. This finding was uncovered after examining records for patients… Read more »

A New Category of Donors; America’s Overdose Victims

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According to statistics calculated in 2014, in just over a year, the number of deaths of donors caused by prescription opioid abuse rose from 16,000 to a staggering 19,000. Seventy-eight Americans are said to die each day due to opioid abuse, which makes up more than 60 percent of all overdose deaths. According to United… Read more »

Marijuana May Change Unborn Baby’s Brain

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Any form of smoking, drug abuse, and alcohol consumption during pregnancy is highly forbidden and severely frowned down upon by everyone, simply because it is harmful to the fetus. Tobacco in itself is extremely harmful to a developing child, which is why marijuana can have effects far more detrimental and irreparable than tobacco. Researchers studied… Read more »

Heroin addiction in children

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Heroin seems to be a favorite amongst youngsters who are addicted to illegal drugs in the USA. Though heroin addiction peaked amongst teenagers in the 90’s, it has seen a steady decline in popularity since then. You would never imagine that your kid would every get into this sort of company, now would you? But… Read more »

Can substance abuse be prevented?

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Most parents have a common question that troubles them night and day i.e. can they possibly prevent their children from becoming addicts? This question comes from addict parents and non-addict parents alike, simply because substance abuse, alcohol abuse and other forms of drug intake have become so prevalent in this day and age. In case… Read more »

Nicotine Exposure during Pregnancy Nearly Twice as High as Reported

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Since the 80’s, it has been widely accepted that alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are all extremely harmful for pregnant women and can end up resulting in fatal health risks for the mother and the child. Despite this having been acknowledged, a recent study by researchers from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center revealed that the statistics… Read more »