Founded in 2001, the Passages Malibu luxury rehab center in California serves as an alternative luxury rehab program to the outdated and ineffectual 12-step model so many luxury rehab centers are still holding onto. Passages Malibu was created out of necessity after Pax and his father Chris observed the many faulty nuances of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation industry firsthand. Passages Malibu has since gone on to help hundreds of clients from around the world holistically resolve their drug and alcohol addiction every year, reshaping the entire drug and alcohol rehabilitation industry in the process.

At one point in life, traditional 12-step rehabilitation programs, therapists’ offices, and even emergency room visits failed to provide Pax Prentiss with the help he needed to overcome his serious addiction to alcohol, cocaine, and heroin. He continued to relapse until he and his father realized that the drug and alcohol industry’s approach to treating addiction was not what Pax needed.

As they started researching holistic addiction treatment philosophies from around the world they began viewing addiction from a much different perspective, one that freed Pax from the rehabilitation industry’s connotations of guilt, shame and fear. This revolutionary outlook allowed Pax to selectively borrow ideas from various therapies and modalities, which he then used to identify and remove all of the underlying causes that were responsible for his deeply-rooted drug and alcohol addictions.

On the final day of his first year of soberiety, Pax partnered with his father to establish Passages Malibu. If you or someone you love has developed a drug and alcohol addiction, Passages Malibu’s blend of Western and Eastern holistic treatment modalities and therapies can help. Call (888) 546-4821.

Passages Malibu’s Holistic Addiction Treatment Philosophy

Is drug addiction a disease? Not at Passages Malibu. We believe that having an addiction is not the same as having a disease, and this progressive holistic addiction treatment philosophy is what separates us from most other luxury rehab centers. Instead of falsely labeling our clients as “addicts” and telling them they have a lifelong disease, we believe that there are other underlying causes responsible for developing and maintaining any given type of drug and alcohol addiction. These root causes must be properly addressed – in addition to the physical addiction itself, and any other chemical imbalances – before permanent sobriety can be achieved.

Luxury Drug Rehab

Drug addiction comes in many different forms, but no matter what type of chemical dependency our clients have developed, the end-goal at Passages Malibu is to help them discover a more sustainable life purpose in lieu of instant gratification. At Passages Malibu, we specialize in successfully treating all types of drug addiction, from alcohol and cocaine addiction, to heroin addiction, using only the latest and most advanced science-based holistic methods and technologies.

Luxury Alcohol Rehab


Alcohol addiction can lead to serious and even life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, which is why luxury rehab centers like Passages Malibu are needed to provide the necessary medical supervision for a safe recovery. We successfully treat clients who have many different types of alcohol addiction – wine addiction, beer addiction, liquor addiction and any other possible form of alcohol addiction. Call (888) 546-4821 to learn how to stop drinking with Passages Malibu luxury alcohol rehab.

Luxury Prescription Drug Addiction Rehab

Many people mistakenly believe that prescription drugs are heavily regulated and therefore essentially harmless when taken at the appropriate dosage level. However, prescription drug users can accidentally develop a serious addiction to their own medication even when they are taking a drug exactly as prescribed. In addition, everyone’s body chemistry is different, and some people can develop a prescription drug addiction much more easily than others.

Withdrawal from prescription medication can be extremely dangerous and almost always requires the medical supervision of a trained professional. Whether it’s painkillers, antidepressants, sleep aids or prescription drug addiction medication, our experts know how to safely and naturally detox from any brand of prescription drugs. Our one-on-one therapy sessions and other holistic modalities, combined with a relaxing California luxury rehab environment, can provide our clients with permanent relief from prescription drug addiction.

Passages Malibu is Ready to Develop a Luxury Rehab Program for Drugs and Alcohol

We understand, perhaps even more than any other luxury rehab center in California (and anywhere else), how a drug and alcohol addiction can feel overwhelming and unrelenting at times, but there can be a positive end to addiction if you want for there to be one. Passages Malibu has revolutionized the drug and alcohol rehabilitation industry with its compassionate approach to heal clients from addiction in mind, body and spirit.

Our addiction treatment services will open more fulfilling life opportunities than your current drug and alcohol addiction will allow. Call now at (888) 546-4821 to find out if your insurance will cover our treatments, or to learn about our financing options so that you can get the help you need today. It would be an absolute privilege to see you naturally detox from drugs and alcohol on a luxury rehab program at Passages Malibu in Southern California.

Passages Malibu is Ready for You

Addiction can be unrelenting, but Passages Malibu offers an easier way of life. Call now at (888) 546-4821 to find out if your insurance will cover our treatments, or to learn about our financing options so that you can get the help you need today.